50 cent


50 cent

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Dr. Dre


Niggas crazy! (keep on dreeeaamin'...)
Think they gon' catch sleepin'! (keep on dreeeaamin'...)
I'm on point nigga! (I said keep on dreeeaamin'...)
24/7, ya heard? (hehe!)

Hey day-dreamer, I see you dreaming!
I cock my strap! - I see you scheming!
I want you to try me, nigga I'm fiending,
To pop my shit - then forever your sleeping!

When robberies - done in properly
It turns into murder one, one, one!
Move properly; or get drop see,
Come at me wrong and your DONE, DONE, DONE!

[Verse 1:]
No two face or mean mug! No mask, no gloves!
Picture in my peripheral, I tearing you up!
I'm watching! - You pro'ly got my eyes wide shut,
I'm waiting for you to cross the line and get bucked!
I lean in the lotus take off like a rocket
Got your bitch outta pocket, my hustle you can't knock it!
I got paper like a city bank! - Nigga you need a loan!
Got a brain! - Use your brain or get your brains blown!
Watch my watch tic-toc and get popped,
See my chain gleam, scheme, and get met with the beam 'kno'Imean?
I'm not a freshman! I'm a senior, year, head of my class!
I put a hollowtip head in your ass!
You try to jam me, thinking I'm candy, ain't nothing sweet
I run the streets with all sorts of heat!
You try to eat try elsewhere! - My presence is felt here!
You won't need welfare! - Your ass will get melt here! - Nigga yeah!


[Verse 2:]
Test me; you wanna die? - Murder aluminia,
Fresh out the projects the chain on my neck!
It's off limits, touch it touch the sky!
Touch it I send you to your dead homies to say: "Hi!"
I work niggas in the fractions, I'm down for that action
Talk that (chubba/Jabba?) talk - til I come with that Colt!
Then it's: "Bye-bye! Close your eyes learn to fly!"
"Why go through it? Why try test I?"
When you know I ain't rap, right? I'm strapped, right?
2-4-7 3-6-5 I'm outside!
Steady mobbin', I'm all in, I'm not the one you robbing,
Have me creeping crawling? Shell cases falling!
Bullet hit your leg, break your limb!
Bullets hit your chest, make you slim!
Bullets fly and run away from them!
Bullets miss ya hit your closest friend!
You pussy man! - You should have gave your toast to him! (fuck ya sucker!)