50 cent


50 cent

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Tapety na plochu


Dr. Dre

Follow My Lead

[50 Cent]
Yeah… ladies and gentlemen~!
I’d like to thank y’all for comin out tonight
It’s my third album, third tour, third time’s a charm

[Intro: Robin Thicke + (50 Cent)]
Girl when I go, where we go, I wanna take you ’round the globe with me
I got dough (ha ha) plenty baby you can blow with me
And baby I know (uh-huh) that money ain’t ev-ery-thing
But it’s fo’ sho’ (fo’ sho, fo’ sho’) and ain’t for nothin when you fuck, with, me
Now when I go

[Chorus: 50 Cent + (Robin Thicke)]
(Follow my lead)
Baby I can be all you need, if you follow my lead
Follow my lead, I’ll hold you down, put your trust in me
Baby follow my lead (follow my lead)
Follow my lead, I think God made you for me
Follow my lead – follow my lead
I’m the one girl in time you’ll see
If you follow my lead

[50 Cent]
Don’t listen to the rumors, they say 50 fuckin crazy
50 don’t know how to treat a lady, they wrong
I like you a lot, I don’t wanna hurt you
But I call a square a square and a circle a circle
So if you act like a bitch, I’ll call you a bitch
Then hang up, probably call you right back and shit
And have to say, „Baby I apologize“
Cross my fingers, God forgive me for tellin lies
Like Janet Jackson said, I miss you much
I really wanna feel your touch, and smell your scent
Baby I can pass the day
Watchin you model lingerie
I wanna spend the night tonight shorty if it’s okay
You can be my Beyonce, I’ll be your Jay
Ha ha~! I got a great sense of humor
First I make you smile then I woo you, you know I wanna do ya
Or do ya?


[50 Cent]
After seven hours, New York to London, you’re wonderin
What’s gon’ be the next stop – I told you
I’m a don, you gon’ know I’m a don
After you shop ’til your feet hurtin in Milan
Now take a picture, these are moments you can cherish
They say the scenery was made for lovers out in Paris
Ask your fam about me, they say 50 we love him
Without them there’s no me, so I love them
Man they’re the reason I exist, the reason I insist
I’m never less than the best, I’m perfection I guess
As my niggaz are stressed, I pass the test
Everytime I drop, I’m burnin hot
So I don’t care if she loves me or loves me not
Long as I enjoy the time that we spend
I ain’t lookin for commitment, we can fuck and be friends
Matter fact, we can do it right in back of my Benz
I get it done with speed

[Chorus (with Robin Thicke ad libs)]

[more ad libs to fade]