50 cent


50 cent

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Dr. Dre

Killa Tape Intro

New York City…
You are now rockin with 50 cent..
Are you ready?
[Gun click ~ nigga dies, WUT UP]
I said are you ready?
See you wit me nigga?

[mumbles some stupid stuff:] Paid for a hooptie but I wanted a drop
„G UNIT (what the heck is a G UNIT???)“
„Somthin new“
I’m not that nigga in your video
I’m not a trick I don’t love the hoes
and niggaz know, I be on the low
but I miss my dawg
and I twist my drawer
I’m not that nigga that you think you know
I walk around with a big fo-fo (slang)
You front on me I’m gone get at your dawg (oh, i’ll front)
I be at rite are your crib, right at your door (poor grammar)

What up 50 (what up.)?

Coming up I haven’t had much (much of what you idiot),
but I did want a lot (selfish pig)
I had paper for a hoopty (hoopty, eh?) but I wanted a drop
so you know, I had to make something out OF nothing
Like turn an empty spot into a crack spot pumping
(lets all talk jibberish)
i’m so hard at nineteen I bought a benz, I did.
(some people’s penises get hard too)
The older people weren’t really feeling the kid
They try to find out where I live so that they could run in my home
but you can not hustle a hustler I peeped it and slid (peeped…)
Back then, Niggaz used to call me bo (bo, hahah, loser)
At six months I told them „Million go tops on Gar-bo“ (huh?)
Country came around, he is into clapping
country left, same sh*t started happening
Like „He shot rob for some ends, rob shot joe for some skins,
Cory shot Drew and we was friends,“ money turned boys into men
The cycle never changes, shit just starts again..
(maybe they are more unintelligent than I thought.)

„naw nigga, nuthing has changed nigga,
yea I was gone for a minute, but I’m BACK!“
(damn 50 it’s good to see you back in the hood)
you see my cherry red SL nigga I’m doing swell
sometimes I can’t find the words to say how I feel
so, I take a quote from menace „LOOK AT THE WHEELS!!“
I’m addicted to stunting, now that I’m holding something,
I got a trunk full of guns from VA to ?
(oh will you let me hold something?)
nigga you high or something? I don’t play games I’m
(something echos off in the distance due to previous repetitiveness)
about my money nigga buy something!
I got a few 5’s, I got a few 9’s,
Here nigga take one…

„yea, don’t ever say I don’t do anything for you nigga,
you do not say I didn’t look out for you. Know what I mean?
But make sure nigga that you go catch some jokes
when you come back you gonna have my paper for that thang thang know what I’m sayin?
(you idiot. you need to be shot)
I don’t want it back, don’t try to use it then give it back to me
Cuz I ya’ll niggaz now, runnin around sayin
„50 getting all this rap money and he won’t help us“ ha ha…
Sit tight nigga I’m comin! You know? New shit!!!
All the shit I put out on the mix tapes is for the mix tapes
I got a million…

OH MY GOD!! My shit is so hot right now I’m in the zone
(you have a very high self image
. congrats on being the worlds biggest idiot)